Creator Reveals Original Desire for David Bowie or Prince for the Live-Action Death Note’s Ryuk

Netflix’s live-action Death Note just began streaming within the past day or two and it hasn’t really gotten off to the greatest of starts. Shrouded in controversy since early on…

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Death Note Clip

New Death Note Clip Highlights Tense Scene Between Light and L (VIDEO)

A live-action adaptation of the wildly popular manga and anime series Death Note is set to arrive on Netflix next week. With it, the hard work of many will be…

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Death Note Director Interview

Death Note Director Reveals Why the Movie is Set in the U.S.

With the arrival of Netflix’s Death Note film a mere twelve days away, hype levels for the manga/anime adaptation are quickly coming to a head. Like most film adaptations though, Death Note…

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Netflix August 2017 – Defenders, Death Note, and More!

What’s New and What’s Leaving Netflix August 2017 – Defenders, Death Note, and More!

July is drawing to a close and that means the long hours of browsing through movie and TV selections is about to get a whole lot easier. As the streaming…

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The Official Full-Length Trailer for the Death Note Live Action Adaptation Has Arrived (VIDEO)

The official full-length trailer for the Death Note live action adaptation from Netflix has arrived, highlighting the modern characters and settings in the United States. In the video, which can…

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netflix's death note

Netflix’s Death Note Live-Action Film Receives a New Poster Featuring Ryuk

The new live-action remake of the popular anime is coming to Netflix in just a few months. The director, Adam Wingard, has been trying to get fans pumped for the…

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First Trailer for the Film Adaptation of the Manga “Death Note” Drops – Watch Here (VIDEO)

When news first broke out that Netflix picked up the rights to a new film based off of the popular manga/anime series Death Note, it was met by two distinct…

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PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) Meets Death Note in Hilarious Parody Video (Video)

Death Note has been considerably one of the most discussed anime series since it’s release in 2006 with some very well known characters that have weaseled their way into hearts…

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