demon's souls

Demon’s Souls Gets Intense 4K Treatment With PS3 Emulator (VIDEO)

With the upcoming Dark Souls Remastered, many fans of the dark and twisty side of gaming may be longing for other titles to get a modern touch. Plenty of gamers…

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Dark Souls Remastered Nintendo Switch

Dark Souls Remastered Nintendo Switch Port Delayed, Here’s Why

To say that gamers are excited for the upcoming remastered version of Dark Souls would be a massive understatement. After all, there is nothing quite like dying a thousand times,…

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Dark Souls Remastered Nintendo Switch Gameplay Seen At PAX East (VIDEO)

Dark Souls Remastered Nintendo Switch Gameplay Seen At PAX East (VIDEO)

The upcoming Dark Souls Remastered represents both an amazing throwback and some stellar fan service for those that originally trudged through Lordran on the PS3 version and later, with mods,…

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Dark Souls Remastered Gameplay Shows Off Improved Graphics (VIDEO)

Dark Souls Remastered was a highly requested item from the gaming community and given the nature of the series’ popularity since its debut, it’s no wonder the so many gamers…

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Nintendo PAX East Lineup

Nintendo PAX East Lineup Revealed – Dark Souls Remastered Among Playable Games

With less than a week to go before the event, an announcement has arrived about the Nintendo PAX East lineup. The company has selected its top games and plans to…

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Dark souls Solaire amiibo

Dark Souls Solaire Amiibo Confirmed For Nintendo Switch Release

Today’s new Nintendo Direct has been full of surprises, with a significant amount of the games being new Nintendo Switch versions of games that first released on other gaming platforms…

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Dark Souls Remastered Won’t Feature HDR Lighting, Or New Assets, Confirms Bandai

Fans of the unforgiving franchise known as Dark Souls were stoked to finally have those long-standing rumors of a remaster confirmed. Better yet, a Nintendo Switch release date was also…

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Dark Souls Remastered Will Be 50% Off For ‘Prepare To Die’ Edition Owners (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Banai Namco has confirmed that the information was misrepresented in the original post from a fan, that their image was doctored on the official website. No discount is in the …

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Dark Souls Trilogy Box Set

Dark Souls Trilogy Box Set Announced, But This Loot Will Cost You

Praise the sun! After the exciting reveal of a remastered edition of the first Dark Souls for PC and consoles, Bandai Namco is now attempting to top their own announcement regarding…

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Dark Souls Remaster

WATCH: Dark Souls Remaster Confirmed For Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, And Xbox One – Details Here!

There is no denying that many gamers have been itching for a Dark Souls remaster for quite some time now. On top of this, some of those said gamers have…

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