Overwatch Anniversary

New Overwatch Anniversary Skins Revealed (VIDEO)

The Overwatch Anniversary event is just hours away and it will be bringing a ton of goodies for all players to enjoy along with it. Among the bounty of treasures…

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Overwatch Glitch Hilariously Gives D.Va 'Play of the Game' (VIDEO)

Overwatch Glitch Hilariously Gives D.Va ‘Play of the Game’ (VIDEO)

Overwatch has always been an impressively built game, with the majority of the title’s problems since launch being that of balance issues, rather than a need to address game breaking…

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Overwatch Glitch Makes D.Va Look Like She’s Being Hung by Ashe (VIDEO)

On the surface, Overwatch is fairly lighthearted, though it does reach some more dark places every now and again within the game’s lore. Even the latest character to arrive is…

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Overwatch Busan Map

New Overwatch Busan Map Brings The Fight To D.Va’s Turf (VIDEO)

While Overwatch has taken over our real world with fans playing the game across the globe, the world inside the game itself is looking to ever expand its variety of…

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New Overwatch Cinematic Short Shines The Light On D.Va In “Shooting Star” (VIDEO)

D.Va is easily one of the most beloved heroes in the Overwatch universe, recognized for her laidback yet sassy personality, as a connoisseur of junk food, and intrepid mecha pilot….

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Overwatch Nerf Line Adds D.Va's Iconic Pink Blaster, Coming Soon

Overwatch Nerf Line Adds D.Va’s Iconic Pink Blaster, Coming Soon

Just last month, Overwatch announced a partnership between foam gun company Nerf that culminated in the reveal of a Nerf version of Reaper’s gun, as part of the new Nerf…

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Overwatch Summer Games 2018

First Overwatch Summer Games 2018 Legendary Skins Revealed (VIDEO)

It was recently announced by Blizzard Entertainment that the Overwatch Summer Games 2018 event is set to kick off next week. This, of course, means that Lucioball will be making…

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Razer MEKA Headset

Razer Reveals Full Specs And Price For D.Va’s MEKA Headset – Available Now!

Late last year Razer announced an entire suite of gaming peripherals centered around Overwatch fan-favorite, D.Va. Both the Razer Abyssus Elite (mouse) and the Razer Goliathus (mouse pad) were available for…

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D.Va Overwatch Nendoroid

D.Va Announced As Latest Overwatch Nendoroid – Nerf This! (GALLERY)

Overwatch’s Hana Song – AKA D.Va – has been getting tons of merchandising love lately. Last month, Razer announced its set of D.Va-inspired peripherals, including an almost exact replica of…

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Overwatch-Inspired D.Va Peripherals

Razer Reveals Stunning Overwatch-Inspired D.Va Peripherals (VIDEO)

Just in time for Blizzcon, gaming peripheral company Razer has announced a new line of Overwatch-inspired gaming hardware themed around Overwatch’s favorite mech-riding hero, D.Va. The new line of D.Va peripherals…

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