Sony Needs Better PlayStation Perks To Make Up For Lack Of Cross-Play, Says Dev

Sony Needs Better PlayStation Perks To Make Up For Lack Of Cross-Play, Says Dev

Sony has admittedly come leaps and bounds from its initial, dismissive stance on cross-platform functionality, though many have stated that the PlayStation company still has a long way to go…

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Apex Legends Crossplay

Apex Legends Cross-Play Coming In The Future, Says Respawn

The big surprise in gaming this week continues to be Apex Legends, the suddenly released battle royale multiplayer game set in the Titanfall universe. Respawn Entertainment and EA took a…

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EA Plans On Making More Video Games Cross-Play Compatible

Apex Legends is taking the video game industry by storm right now, and there’s no surprise there. Having reached well over 10 million players in the span of three days,…

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Fortnite Account Merging Finally Goes Live, Here's How To Do It

Fortnite Account Merging Finally Goes Live, Here’s How To Do It

It was just last year when Sony gave into years of fan requests and finally enabled PlayStation 4 cross-play with other platforms. Having “accidentally” accomplished the task in the past,…

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Sea of Thieves

New Sea of Thieves Update Will Make Cross-Play Optional, Huge PvP Changes Ahead (VIDEO)

Nearly a year after the pirate adventure dropped on PC and Xbox One, Rare LTD.’s Sea of Thieves has seen a resurgence in popularity. Many gamers have been taking to…

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Epic Games

Epic Games Cross-Play Tech Being Made Available For All Devs

Epic Games made some waves earlier this year when they officially succeeded in allowing Fortnite players across all platforms to play with one another. Cross-play has been a highly requested…

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Battlefield V

Battlefield V Devs Considering Cross-Play, Mouse And Keyboard Console Support

One of the major talking points to rise in the gaming community as of late is cross-play. Fortnite kicked in the door earlier this year, allowing  players across all platforms…

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Fallout 76 Won't Have Cross-Platform Play Thanks To Sony, Says Director

Fallout 76 Won’t Have Cross-Platform Play Thanks To Sony, Says Director

When Bethesda announced that Fallout 76 would heavily feature a multiplayer component, fans of the series were divided upon whether or not that was a good thing. Now that the…

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Sony CEO Promises Company Is Looking Into PS4 Crossplay Possibilities

One of the biggest stories in gaming following the E3 2018 event was Sony’s controversial handling of cross-play for Epic Games’s Fortnite. The game recently launched for the Nintendo Switch,…

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Minecraft Cross-Play

New Minecraft Cross-Play Trailer Is Subtly Savage Towards Sony (VIDEO)

The great console war rages on, but some companies are attempting to bridge those gaps that have plagued the past. Cross-platform play has been brought up quite a bit in…

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