Apex Legends Cross Play, Nintendo Switch Version Confirmed For Fall 2020

Apex Legends Cross Play

While E3 was not allowed to happen this year, big game publishers have been able to make due by having their own digital presentations throughout this summer. Sony wowed everyone with their PlayStation 5 games presentation last week, and now it is EA’s time to grab everyone’s attention with their EA Play event. Many have been excited to see updates on EA’s biggest games, such as Apex Legends. Fans have been clamoring for Respawn Entertainment to add cross play to the game, and now it seems that their Apex Legends cross play dreams are finally coming true.

Apex Legends Cross Play was announced quite early in the new EA Play presentation released today on the official EA YouTube channel. The reveal came towards the end of the Apex Legends segment, with Respawn Entertainment confirming that the feature vocally requested by many fans will be coming in the fall to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, EA Origin and Steam players of the game. Not only that, but EA’s “one last thing” reveal ended up being that the game will indeed be coming now to the Nintendo Switch this fall, with that version also being eligible for the Apex Legends cross play feature.

EA also revealed the new Apex Legends: Lost Treasures event coming June 23rd to the current 5th season of the game. The event will include new additions, such as a new Armed and Dangerous Evolved mode and mobile respawn beacons. There will also be 24 new unique cosmetic items that players can unlock through challenges. Today brought quite a few new announcements for Apex Legends that fans are surely to be delighted by. Hopefully, even with so many in-demand features, the game is far from its Apex of quality.

Are you guys excited for Apex Legends cross play, and the Nintendo Switch version of the game? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Apex Legends news, such as the new Twitch Prime skin for Loba in the game, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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