Super Mario Voice Actor Plays Himself In Runner3

Voice Actor Charles Martinet

While his name may not be as commonly seen as much as the likes of Troy Baker and Nolan North, Charles Martinet is certainly one of the most important voice actors in the gaming industry. Martinet has been the voice of the iconic Super Mario for over two decades. The prolific actor has also performed in other video games, such as Runner2, in which he served as the game’s narrator. With Runner3 bringing the long-awaited return of the indie darling franchise, it has now been confirmed that not only will voice actor Charles Martinet return as the narrator, but he will also be a playable character in the game.

Choice Provisions, the developer of Runner3, has announced that Charles Martinet will indeed be reprising his role as the narrator in Runner3. A new devlog for the game has shared the special cameos that will be playable characters in the game. This includes a playable version of the narrator, who is modeled after Charles Martinet’s real life image. While he is only referred to as “The Narrator,” it is an obvious digital recreation of Martinet. The description for the playable narrator pokes fun at Martinet’s fun-loving persona, saying “He’s a normal enough gent, to be sure, but we can’t shake the feeling there’s something…peculiar about him.”

The new devlog has also confirmed that fellow indie-favorite Shovel Knight will also be a playable character, as well as Eddie Riggs from Brutal Legend. All of these characters can be unlocked by Hero Quests in the game. Choice Provisions has been boasting about the game not having DLC or in-game purchases, and these additional characters certainly reflect their initiative. Considering how important Martinet has been to Super Mario, and how impactful Mario has been to the gaming world, it is very fitting that the man himself be made a character that his fans can take out for a run. What do you guys think about voice actor Charles Martinet being playable in Runner3? Let us know in the comments below!

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