Sunset Overdrive On PC Receives Rating From ESRB

Earlier this year, there were hints of Sunset Overdrive heading to PC, but news of this never announced from official channels. Likely busy with the hit release of PlayStation 4’s Spider-Man, information on other series from Insomniac Games were placed on the back burner, but it seems there’s fantastic news making a head soon.

Fans of Sunset Overdrive may remember the game as an Xbox One exclusive title that debuted in 2014, an action adventure, third-person shooter that’s all sorts of wild and crazy fun. Four years have passed since then, but it looks as though Insomniac isn’t quite done with it yet since an ESRB rating for the game just listed. The official Entertainment Software Rating Board description is as follows:

This is a third-person shooter in which players assume the role of a young survivor battling through a mutant apocalypse. As players traverse the open-world of Sunset City, they use assault rifles and fantastical weapons (e.g., grenade launchers that shoot teddy-bear bombs, guns that shoot fireworks) to kill mutant creatures, robots, and occasional human enemies. Combat is highlighted by frequent explosions, screams of pain, and gunfire. Some explosives cause enemies to be dismembered, leaving limbs around the environment; one cutscene briefly depicts a character’s head cut off by a mutant.

During the course of the game, characters and environmental elements reference sexual behavior or humor (e.g., “Oh, such a bold statement! It says, ‘I am a prostitute!’” and “How hard was it to make a porn flip book?” ); a radio ad contains a running joke about a sex burger (e.g., “It’s so good you won’t be able to contain your urges to rub it all over your Sex…Burger”). The dialogue contains a handful of drug references (e.g., “You guys have been eating weed” and “Oh, when I get back with your drugs, we’ll discuss my offense at your assumption that I would know where to find drugs”). The words “f**k” and “sh*t” also appear in dialogue.”

Intriguing. It’s no secret that Insomniac Games would “love to” create a sequel based on the thrilling 2014 release. With that said, the ESRB listing looks to be one for the original release. Here’s to hoping the studio has their sights set on big plans for the future.

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Sunset Overdrive is available now for Xbox One.

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