Twitch Streamer Completes Skyrim Using Only Voice Commands (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to play a blind, directionally challenged Dragonborn Hero then we recommend you try playing through Skyrim using voice commands as your only controls. If you would prefer to not go insane, we recommend not trying this.

Playing games with a voice command interface is not an entirely foreign concept. YouTuber Slimecicle attempted to play Skyrim using only voice commands and, well, it didn’t go great.  Now enter Rudeism, a Twitch streamer from New Zealand who seems to have come to fame through very unorthodox means.He has made a name for himself by “playing games wrong.” Some of his accomplishments include reaching level 100 in World of Warcraft using a dance pad as the controller, playing a game of Overwatch using a microwave in place of a controller, and most recently – beating Skyrim using only voice commands.

Beginning this epic quest back around August of 2016 over the course of the next 5 or so months, Rudeism managed to finally make his way to the epic finale of the Skyrim main quest line. The amount of patience and concentration it took to complete such a feat must have been incredible. Even just watching the final 10 minutes of battle was enough to have made lesser men quit and go back to mouse and keyboard, but not our hero, he had to see it all the way through! As far as accomplishments go this is by far one of the most bizarre, but hey what should we expect from a guy who’s played video games with actual bananas as a controller? Regardless of the oddity of this accomplishment it is quite impressive, Kudos mate! Check out the grand showdown between one mans voice and the world eater of Tamriel!

Crazy right?!? Well, going along with the extremely unconventional and unorthodox ways of playing games, it looks like Rudeism’s next project is going to be controlling Sombra from Overwatch with a custom made glove controller, what will he think of next?

What do you guys think of this crazy awesome, not to mention just plain crazy, accomplishment? Think you’ll be trying anything like that anytime soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned to DFTG for the latest in gaming news. Until next time, Fus Roh Dah…. Fus Ro- Fus Roh Dah….. Move to the left, no the other left! Man this is harder than it looks.

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