Closer Look at McFarlane Toys Mass Effect: Andromeda Figures – Meet Sara and Scott Ryder


McFarlane Toys has made quite a name for themselves as quality producers of collectible toys and figures. Featuring exciting products ranging from sports stars to characters from your favorite TV show – if it’s a McFarlane toy, it’s probably awesome. In anticipation for the highly awaited Mass Effect: Andromeda, McFarlane Toys revealed it’s latest project at Toy Fair 2017. McFarlane Toys has brought to life (in a sense) the game’s protagonist siblings in the form of collectible 7-inch action figures, Sara and Scott Ryder.

Sara Ryder makes her way into the Mass Effect Universe, and also into your collection as a 7-inch action figure! The Mass Effect Andromeda Sara Ryder 7-Inch Action Figure features over 12 points of articulation for dynamic posing. The figure also includes alternate helmet-less head and primary [weapon Carnifex Hand Canon]. [The] figure features stylized Mass Effect: Andromeda branded display base.

Scott Ryder joins the Mass Effect universe! This Mass Effect Andromeda Scott Ryder 7-Inch Color Tops Action Figure comes with a primary AAX5 Assault Rifle, an alternate helmet-less head, with over 14 points of articulation. Sculpted and adapted from the next chapter of Mass Effect, Scott Ryder is shown in the iconic N7 armor and stands on a stylized brand display base.

As part of the McFarlane Color Tops collection, the highly detailed figures of Scott and Sara Ryder will be made available in April of 2017. Featuring over 12 points of articulation, these figures are a must have for Mass Effect collectors. Along with being highly detailed, both Scott and Sara come with interchangeable heads, featuring a helmeted version and a non-helmeted version. Both figures are featured wearing their iconic N7 armor and come equipped with a weapon from the Mass Effect armory. Check out the images below courtesy of IGN.

As fans of the Mass Effect games, and that’s an understatement for some if not most of us, we at DFTG are definitely looking forward to adding these amazing collectible figures to our various collections of nerdy goodness! Plus, if you think about it, your collectibles display might just be the only place where the Ryder siblings will have the chance to meet the legendary Commander Shepard in person… er, action figure-son…. You get the jist. These beautifully crafted action figures will retail for $19.99 when they hit the shelves later on this Spring. As of now, few retailers have pre-orders open for both Sara and Scott but again,  the figures won’t be readily available until April according the McFarlane site.

What do you guys think of these amazing additions to the Mass Effect Collectibles family? We’d love to hear your input,  so drop us a line in the comments or check out Don’t Feed the Gamers on Disqus and join in on the nerding out! Plus, check out our Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7. If you like collectibles, check out some more awesome products below, and until next time remember: “I don’t need an army, I have a Krogan.”

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