Skyrim Script Extender 64 Aims For March Release (VIDEO)

Skyrim was a wonderfully huge success, receiving rave reviews, winning awards, and just generally being great. Many players have sunk many hours into the game, but the modding community has always taken things to the next level, and with Skyrim that was no exception. With tens of thousands of mods, the community has changed the game in ways most people could only dream of. With the help of the Skyrim Script Extender, some people are even able to make huge mods that practically make it a new game – like that of Skyblivion.

In October 2016, Bethesda released the Skyrim Special Edition, which improved the game drastically. It amped the game up to 64bit, increasing its memory limit, upping the graphics quality, and making a few quality of life changes. The downside was that many mods would not work with the new release until they were updated or recreated. Luckily the community is generally very quick on the mark and supportive and it did not take long for most mods to get the attention and updates that they required.

The Skyrim Script Extender team is hard at work, trying to make everyone’s modding life that much easier. Those that heavily mod their games, especially Skyrim, will know how important having the Script Extender is and how essential it is for some mods to run. The team working on this magnificent tool have stated that they are aiming for a March release date, and continue to work hard. Hopefully when it releases, players will once again get some of their favourite mods back, as well as new ones.

Comment below and tell us how much you’re enjoying the Skyrim Special Edition. What are some of your favourite Skyrim moments? What Mods do you use and what mods do you want to see return? Also, if you’re looking to help out the modding community, DJ Red Red is still looking for voice actors for their Skyrim expansion, go check it out.

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