This Stranger Things Themed Minecraft Skin DLC Pack Is Turning Things Upside Down (VIDEO)

With the long and greatly anticipated season 2 underway, developers at Team Mojang decided to celebrate with a Stranger Things themed Minecraft DLC skin pack. Now players can officially enter the Upside Down as characters from the much loved Netflix original series. See what all the excitement is about for yourself in the video below:

As seen in the video above, all of the important faces are being brought into the sandbox game for player enjoyment. The video does a pretty good job of recreating some of the scenes from the hit streaming show on Netflix. The details reveal a few of the characters brought into the game and now players have the chance to ride pigs into the upside down as the cast with these Stranger Things themed Minecraft skins (dreams really do come true).

Once fans have finished their binge watch, they can settle in to have adventures of their own in Stranger Things themed Minecraft. The pack features skins of all major characters from season one, and even some from season two, however, those may be a bit spoilery (keep this in mind as you browse the gallery below and avoid if you don’t want spoilers):

For those interested in picking up the new skins DLC, there is absolutely no wait, it is already out and available for purchase, and it’s in the Marketplace for 420 coins. For those on a console or other platforms, the Stranger Things themed Minecraft skins are available for $3. Be sure and get yours for the Minecraft Halloween event to add another layer of spooky to your gameplay.

What skins should be next for Minecraft? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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