Stardew Valley Multiplayer is on its Way – Here’s What You Need to Know

Stardew Valley Multiplayer

Stardew Valley is a farming, simulation, and role-playing game by indie developer ConcernedApe which puts players in charge of their own farm and are able to preform various tasks such as mining, fishing, and of course farming. Until now, the game has only allowed players to play by themselves but new Stardew Valley multiplayer details have arrived detailing the ability to have up to three friends join in on the digital farming lifestyle.

Stardew Valley released early in 2016 to an incredibly positive reception. Since then, ConcernedApe and publisher Chucklefish have been working hard to bring players updates and new content including the upcoming multiplayer addition. One Chucklefish developer has detailed that the multiplayer will work as a co-op version of the game. The home player will be able to build up to three cabins on their farm, with each one allowing for a farmhand controlled by another player to join in.

Farmhands will be able to do a vast majority of tasks similar to the main player including social events, farming, forging, fishing, and more. Each farmhand will have their own inventory which shows up in their cabin as a chest that can be managed even when the player is offline. Some actions will only be able to be preformed by the main player such as choosing when to sleep, begin or end festivals, and more. Marriage may also be possible between players later down the road, however ConcernedApe and Chucklefish are working out how to incorporate that element and it may not initially show up with the Stardew Valley multiplayer update.

The team behind this title does not have any plans for PvP, split screen co-op, or local multiplayer at this time. Initially the update will come to PC and the Nintendo Switch, but Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are to follow at a later date. Will you be inviting friends over for some farm life fun? Let us know your thoughts on the Stardew Valley multiplayer and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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