According to a Recent Blizzard Post, Starcraft 1 was a Result of Throwing “a Bunch of Crap at the Wall”

It’s tempting to assume that the game’s development was a closely choreographed ballet of art and design. In reality, it was more like a bar brawl.

With the recent announcement that a remaster of the well-known franchise Starcraft, and the additional drop that the first one will now be free, the game that is nearly 20 years old is still fresh on everyone’s minds. This game became a pillar in the PC gaming community with its complex characters and overall set up as a sci-fi RTS. In a recent blog post on Blizzard, the team that originally worked on the first Starcraft  1 delved a little more into what the process of creation entailed … it’s not as poetic as you might think.

So what was the thought process behind the Zerg race and the game’s settings? Blizzard art director Samwise Didier recalls the creative steps that resulted from throwing a “bunch of crap at the wall” from retro cars to the every day toaster:

When we made these races, we just threw a bunch of crap at the wall and saw what stuck. We knew that our Terrans were going to be rough and dirty. We knew that we wanted the Protoss to be – not savage, exactly, but primal, and powerful. And we knew we wanted the Zerg to swarm.”

When talking about the subtle influences behind the title and what made Starcraft unique, the crew talks about the Terran race and how they implemented a “Wild West” field to it:

We used a low-down, dirty vibe – a little bit of a mafia vibe, a redneck vibe, a mad scientist vibe – and that was our version of the space marine. Where you’re used to seeing all these polished Galactic Federations, we did the opposite: the street gangs, the prisoners.”

In the detailed blog post, seen here, Didier talks about the Dark Templar, Ghosts, Zerglings, and more with concept art and in-depth explanations behind these characters and settings within Starcraft. Even the CEO of Blizzard, Mike Morhaime, chimed in with his take on “looking back” while talking about how they got lucky with talented people and a hard working crew. Passion drove the force behind Starcraft and nearly 20 years later, gamers are still completely enthralled with this incredible world this team created.

Are you still playing Starcraft 1 this many years later? Did their recollection of the process surprise you at all? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, and don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7. Don’t forget to also check out the incredibly overhauled Starcraft remaster when it hits sometime later this year, we’ll keep you posted.

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