Star Wars: Dark Forces Is Being Beautifully Remade By Obsidian Dev (VIDEO)

Star Wars Dark Forces

Hype for Star Wars Episode IX is building, now that 2019 is here. Next month, much news about the culmination of the current and previous trilogies is expected to be released at Star Wars Celebration 2019, as well as new looks at the upcoming Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order video game. However, given the somewhat infrequent release of Star Wars video games on modern consoles, many have been nostalgic lately over the earlier days of the series’ video games. Now, one talented game maker is seeking to bring back the dawn of LucasArts shooting games with a new remake of Star Wars: Dark Forces.

YouTube user Bluedrake42 recently shared a video showing screenshots and gameplay from the new Star Wars: Dark Forces fan remake. The original Dark Forces was first released in 1995 for MS-DOS and Macintosh computers, and was meant to capitalize on the first person shooter craze sparked by the likes of Doom and Wolfenstein. The FPS game put players in control of mercenary Kyle Katarn who seeks to stop the Empire’s Dark Troopers project. The game original used fairly primitive 3D graphics, so it makes sense for the title to be remade with modern HD graphics.

Gameplay footage shows a strikingly detailed version of the locations from the original game with elements familiar to even casual Star Wars fans. The project is actually being put into reality by none other than Jason Lewis, a Senior Artist From Obsidian Entertainment, so it’s probably safe to say he knows a thing or two about crafting realistic digital Star Wars environments. The Dark Forces remake’s demo is available for free download, but it could be taken down by the Disney Empire any time soon, so those curious would be wise to hit the lightspeed buttons on their keyboard.

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