BioShock Netflix Movie

BioShock Netflix Movie Hires Logan Writer, Hunger Games Director

Lately, the film and television industries have made it quite clear that they are betting big on video game adaptations as formidable additions to their libraries, and so far those…

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Deadpool Logan Face

Logan And Deadpool Movies Debut On Disney Plus

Nearly three years after its launch, streaming service Disney Plus has finally begun wading into more mature waters, greenlighting more adult-oriented projects and bringing the violent street-level Defenders-verse shows over…

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Deadpool photobomb covers

Deadpool Invades These Popular Blu-Ray Covers Next Month

As most people on the internet probably know, Deadpool and its recent sequel are some of the most perfectly marketed films in recent memory, utilizing the character’s fourth-wall shattering humor…

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Boba Fett

Star Wars Boba Fett Movie To Be Written And Directed By Logan’s James Mangold

Fans of the Star Wars franchise have been gearing up for the official release of Solo: A Star Wars Story,  and to add to the excitement, an announcement has come…

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X-23 Spinoff Script

Logan Director Confirms X-23 Spinoff Script In Progress

Hugh Jackman marked his final film appearance as his legendary version of Wolverine, the fan-favorite X-Men superhero, with the release of Logan. The film proved to be one of the…

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New Mutants

X-Men Spinoff ‘New Mutants’ Casts Actors for Wolfsbane and Magik

Fox has finally begun to fill out the cast list for the long-awaited X-Men spin-off ‘New Mutants’. Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) and Anya Taylor-Joy (Split) have both been cast…

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Ryan Reynolds Camps

Ryan Reynolds Pleads for ‘Deadpool 2’ Wolverine Cameo – Camped Outside Jackman’s House

Logan, the new Wolverine film, has arrived and Hugh Jackman seems resolved to make this his final appearance as the character. Now, the X-Men film universe looks to its future,…

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Logan Review

DFTG Full Logan Review – “An Exhilarating, Saddening, but Stirring Final Goodbye” (Spoiler-Free)

Before I go into my thoughts on the Logan film, here’s a little backstory to the franchise so far. As the first X-Men film was nearing production in the late…

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Deadpool 2 teaser

Ryan Reynolds Releases Deadpool 2 Teaser Shown Before Logan (VIDEO)

Deadpool is the Merc with a Mouth that everyone has come to love after hitting it big with the 2016 film. Of course, everyone loved him before the film, but…

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Patrick Stewart Retires

Sir Patrick Stewart Retires From X-Men Film Franchise, Saying “I’m Done Too”

While many fans have been eagerly anticipating to see Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine in an R-rated film, most have been aware of the catch-22 that surrounds Logan. The dour,…

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