Spider-Man PS4 Fans Call for a Mr. Negative Movie

Picking a favorite Spider-Man villain can be a daunting task. Spider-Man PS4 utilized a wide range of the web slinger’s toughest foes, but one rose above the rest. Mr. Negative, aka Martin Li, stole scene after scene in the game, which is odd as he is the least well-known of the gallery. However, fans are clamoring to get to know him better, specifically on the big screen.

Reddit user ThatGameBoy76 posted an image of the in-game actor, Steven Oyoung, and some praise for his performance. His main wish was for Marvel to cast Oyoung as the main villain in a future Spider-Man film. His comments received overwhelming praise; the post now has over 3,800 upvotes and 200 comments.

Steven Oyoung as his character Martin Li/Mr. Negative from his Instagram. Anyone else think that Marvel Studios should make a Spider-Man movie with Mr. Negative? Steven Oyoung needs some more recognition because he was really good as Li in the game.

Many of the comments support the post and hope for more sequels and/or a direct movie adaptation. Insomniac has already teased a sequel to Spider-Man PS4, so those fans will at least get half of what they desire.

If you’re unaware of Martin Li’s backstory, he’s a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde type character. He worked as a member of the Snakeheads in Fujian, China, a gang notorious for human trafficking. When his ship crashed on its way to New York, Li was the only survivor. He took on the identity of one of the deceased Fujian slaves and worked for years to build up his personal fortune. Out of guilt, he then began donating his time and money to the less fortunate. That includes running a soup kitchen where Aunt May volunteers. Without giving away anything from the game, he gains the power to transform into the powerful Mr. Negative. Most New Yorkers think of Li as a kind-hearted philanthropist without knowing the duality of his nature.

Personally, I would love to see Mr. Negative as a primary villain. We need more variety in our Spiderverse. The films have already produced three iterations of the Green Goblin. I for one would far prefer some fresh blood for Spidey to battle. The fan reaction to Mr. Negative’s role in Spider-Man PS4 indicates that many, if not most, would agree.

What say you, gamers? Do you think Mr. Negative would make a great screen villain? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! And for more gaming news, be sure to follow DFTG on Facebook and Twitter!

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