Slay The Spire Officially Announced For Android And iOS

Slay The Spire Officially Announced For Android And iOS

Video Game technology has continuously evolved as long as the industry has existed, but perhaps none have transformed as much as the mobile gaming sector. The old days of Snake and Tetris being the only mobile games are long gone, with mobile gaming drawing exorbitant amounts of money. As such, developers for PC and console games can now consider mobile platforms as new destinations for their games to be released on. Big games like Fortnite and PUBG draw huge audiences on mobile, and even Valorant may arrive to iOS and Android. Now, it seems that a Slay the Spire mobile version of the game is on the way soon.

Slay The Spire Mobile

Mega Crit Games announced the Slay the Spire mobile version in a new blog post on the game’s listing on Steam. The iOS version is being confirmed for a June release, and Mega Crit Games implies that they will announce the official release date during their portion of the upcoming Guerrilla Collective Show digital presentation on June 13th. It appears that Mega Crit Games will also be developing an Android version of the game, but they are not yet prepared to reveal what the release window for this might be.

When the Slay the Spire mobile version launches, it will be available for $9.99. While this is a bit steep for a mobile game, Mega Crit Games suggests that this will be the same game that is available now on PC for $24.99, so in that sense, there are some savings to be found. For Slay the Spire fans that wish to play this beloved card-based roguelike game on the go, this surely has to be some welcome news. Hopefully, Slay the Spire can slay its opponents in the iOS app store sales charts.

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