Kingdom Hearts Union: Dark Road Finale Release Month Revealed

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Finale

The 21st century has so far progressed at a lightning pace, and it is hard to remember a time when there was only game in the Kingdom Hearts series. The first game released in 2002, making this year the 20th anniversary of the franchise’s inception. Many had wondered just how Square Enix would celebrate the occasion, and the company did not disappoint this week. While the big spotlight of their 20th anniversary presentation was the announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV, fans of the Kingdom Hearts Union mobile game also got some good news, with the announcement of the Dark Road finale release window.

Square Enix made their entire Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary presentation available to watch on their official Kingdom Hearts YouTube channel. The presentation begins with a new look at the Kingdom Hearts Union: Dark Road finale. The Dark Road mobile game was first released in 2020, though the online components of the game have been inactive for almost a year now. This has left the Dark Road story uncomplete, with an end to the story having been promised by Square Enix to still be in the works. Thankfully, it seems that this end is in sight.

Dark Road Finale

The Kingdom Hearts Union: Dark Road finale is now set to launch this August for iOS and Android devices. The Dark Road storyline has promised answers to the origins of the young versions of Masters Xehanort and Eraqus, and this finale certainly seems to be delivering on that promise. Fans have been anxiously awaiting this finale update for the game, with it having seen several delays up to this point. Delays in development due to the pandemic have largely been to blame here, so hopefully fans can understand and utilize their patience for just a few more months. At last Kingdom Hearts and its light can be seen again.

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