divinity original sin 2 the four relics of rivellon dlc

Divinity Original Sin 2 Reveals ‘The Relics Of Rivellon’ DLC (VIDEO)

It’s been an eventful week in gaming! With a weekend full of reveals thanks to the Guerrilla Collective showcase and PC Gaming Show, communities and fans across across multitudes of…

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boyfriend dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon Gameplay Trailer Revealed By Kitfox Games (VIDEO)

Whether you stuck around with us for our Dream Daddy phase with our daddiest walkthrough, we love love! Even if it means equipping suggestive sex toy-like weaponry because hey, we’re…

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Guerrilla Collective Showcase

Guerrilla Collective Showcase Postponed For Later This Month (VIDEO)

The month of June is set to be a busy month in terms of events, with quite a few big announcements set to take place in light of E3 2020’s…

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Slay The Spire Officially Announced For Android And iOS

Slay The Spire Officially Announced For Android And iOS

Video Game technology has continuously evolved as long as the industry has existed, but perhaps none have transformed as much as the mobile gaming sector. The old days of Snake…

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guerrilla collective digital games festival

Guerrilla Collective Presents Digital Games Festival Next Month

So 2020 hasn’t been the best year for festivals and conferences for anybody and that includes the video game industry. Essentially events that amass a crowd of people have been…

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