Skyrim Together Mod Team Accused Of Stealing Source Code From Skyrim Script Extender

Skyrim Together

Exploring in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is quite fun alone, however having friends along for the adventure can add an entirely new layer to the experience. Skyrim Together is a mod that allows players to do just that, unfortunately it seems the project isn’t without some drama and the developers are now being accused of stealing script from another mod.

Although the developers have stated in the past that they weren’t using Skyrim Script Extender in any part of their mod, they did mention it would be able to be loaded into the modding tool. A recent post to Reddit reveals that this may not be the case, with a claim stating that not only is the source code for SKSE being used but that it’s uncredited and being used without permission from the authors.

Skyrim Together is stealing SKSE source code from skyrimmods

According to the Redditor, the problem doesn’t necessarily lie with Skyrim Together using SKSE source code but with the way that the authors are using it:

Note that it is normal for ordinary native code plugins to use the SKSE source code directly, and that’s OK. They are supposed to have their source available, but in reality that doesn’t always happen. ST is causing a problem by violating the license, not crediting, going out of their way to keep closed-source, and effectively charging for a mod. This reflects badly on us, and pushes us in to a very bad legal position with Bethesda.

The Skyrim Together mod has seen quite a decent amount of success and is currently making thousands of dollars from their Patreon. It makes sense that with money on the line that there are concerns of credit not being given where it’s due, though the Together team continues to deny the code is being used.

We’ve reached out for comment and will hopefully be able to update this accordingly.

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