Siri Responds to Questions with Super Mario Run References

Super Mario Run References

Throughout the announcement and launch of Super Mario Run on iOS, it seemed that Apple was more than happy to promote the first official appearance of everyone’s favorite plumber on Apple devices. From the Shigeru Miyamoto appearance at Apple’s iPhone Keynote event in 2016, to the Super Mario Run demo being highly prevalent in Apple Stores in the weeks following up to the game’s launch (I recall every device in the store around that time previewing the game while in lock mode), Nintendo’s partnership with Apple seemed all the more apparent and significant. Now, it appears there was another Mario cross-promotion with Apple, as Easter eggs have been found where Apple’s Siri makes statements with Super Mario Run references.

The video seen above from GameXplain’s YouTube channel shows the numerous responses Siri recites when asked if she likes Super Mario Run. Her responses make references to the Mario abilities unique to the mobile game, such as Coin Rushes and Floaty Jumps. This even extends to Mario’s greater history, with her one response “Remember, I am not an NES cartridge. Please don’t blow on me.” There is even a reference to the obscurely known fact that Mario’s last name is also Mario. When telling Siri “It’s Mario time”, she responds with “More formally, it’s Mario Mario time. I hear that’s his last name. I can guess what his middle name is.”

These are nice little Easter Eggs for Super Mario Run fans. Between this and the recent free Toad Rally tickets gifted to all players, it seems Apple and Nintendo are extremely happy about their fans embracing the crossover. What do you guys think? Do you like Siri’s Super Mario Run references? What other Nintendo Apple crossovers would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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