Super Mario Run Offers Toad Rally Tickets to Celebrate 50 Million Downloads

Toad Rally Tickets

Following the wild success of Super Mario Run’s 50 million downloads, Nintendo has decided to offer up a gift to their loyal fans in thanks. Announced on December 23rd, game developers have decided to gift all players a grand total of 10 Toad Rally Tickets to use in the game. This is a lofty gift to give so many players, though one that is most decidedly earned. A notification announcing this Thank You celebration went out just before Christmas, making this one holiday gift that was sure to please even the most die-hard Mario fans.

Toad Rally Tickets

If you’re a Super Mario Run player and haven’t had a chance to check your game notifications during this crazy-busy week, the tickets should be available to use right now. Super Mario Run was released on December 15 and reached this milestone in a little over a week, which is an insane number for a mobile title!

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that this announcement proves Nintendo is back on its feet once more. Very briefly, Nintendo faced some backlash following Super Mario Run’s release as just a couple days after its launch, Nintendo’s stocks dropped when unhappy reports about the game’s functionality began trickling in. While this financial issue has had an impact on Nintendo as a whole, it’s nice to see that it hasn’t totally sunk Nintendo’s popularity. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get another in-game gift at the start of the New Year? It certainly would be a great way for the game developers to continue reeling in new players for this hot title.

So what do you think of this in-game gift? Do you believe the developers have finally gotten themselves out of the financial rut that occurred after the game’s release? Have you had a chance to try out your Toad Rally tickets yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and game on!


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