Halo Infinite Looking To Adopt A Live Service Model to “Keep Up” With Gaming

Halo Infinite

It was previously revealed that Halo Infinite will be taking on some RPG elements that will allow the story to adapt and grow for years, now we’re learning that it might also be taking on a live service model to keep up with today’s competitive market of gaming.

While at Fortune’s Brainstorm Design conference, 343 Industries ead of trans-media, Kiki Wolfkill, spoke about the upcoming title. She explained that gaming in general has become a multi-generational experience and in order to stay relevant in the ever-changing market, developers need to be able to not only play off of their strengths but follow the audiences wants and needs. As such, 343 Industries is looking at ways to allow Halo Infinite to stay relevant for years to come.

We have to be able to change content quickly. We can’t afford to wait three years every time we drop a new product and have it be a black box because the games kids are playing are changing every week.”

While this may change the way content is handled, allowing developers to make consistent changes to improve and add content, it’s hard to imagine that going to a live-service model would completely change the way Halo is played. Wolfkill also mentioned that with older fans now introducing their children to the franchise, it is important that the developers welcome the newer generation, but it’s also important not to alienate the fans who have been with the franchise since the beginning:

Halo is a universe. There are all sorts of experiences and stories that we tell around the game based on the idea of how to engage audiences differently, how to let people come into the world in a different way through a medium they’re most comfortable with.”

Halo Infinite has been confirmed to be arriving on both PC and Xbox One, however a released date has yet to be set. Perhaps a release date will be revealed at this year’s E3 showcase.

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