Resident Evil Vendetta OST Double LP Vinyl Set Now Available!

We love vinyl sets here at DFTG. We cover them all of the time, we are suckers for our favourite gaming soundtracks being recreated for that turntable sound. The latest OST to get the vinyl treatment is Resident Evil Vendetta and not only is the cover art for it absolutely fantastic, but the vinyl itself is a bloody brilliant design. Of course, the track list is perfection as well – it’s a great gift, or just something to add to the collection for fans of the long-standing horror franchise.

“Another day, another world-ending super virus. (No, we’re not talking about the flu.) We suppose if things were always great, they wouldn’t need have a need for the BSAA. At least the music is great even if things aren’t exactly looking up. If you haven’t seen this amazing CGI movie, first off, why not? Second, do it for the music. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

This exclusive vinyl brought to us by renowned composer Kenji Kawai captures the thrill and suspense of Resident Evil on a double LP. The jacket features stills and art from the movie and the vinyl is in a light blue variant with the G-Virus. Don’t worry, you won’t get infected.”

Product Specifications

  • Resident Evil: Vendetta Original Soundtrack Double LP – Exclusive
  • Officially-licensed Resident Evil: Vendetta merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive
  • Double LP featuring all 30 tracks from the movie
  • Features exclusive G-Virus colored vinyl – light blue with red virus coloring
  • Outside of jacket features movie poster with Chris Redfield on front and Tyrant monster on back
  • Inside of jacket features zombie and stills from the movie
  • Track Listing

Available to order right here for $34.99! 

Side A

1. Operation (3:25)
2. The Search (1:18)
3. Zack (3:30)
4. Retreat (2:39)
5. Cathy (1:26)
6. Vendetta – Main Titles (0:51)
7. Arias – Lament (0:58)
8. Rebecca’s Research (1:12)

Side B

9. Gas (2:47)
10. Infected (4:00)
11. Death Merchant (1:29)
12. Rocky Mountains (0:21)
13. Arias – Order (0:42)
14. Chris and Leon – Alike (1:22)
15. My Blood (1:37)
16. Patricio (2:08)
17. Abduction (2:00)

Side C

18. Animality Virus (2:37)
19. Meet Sarah (3:48)
20. Manhattan (4:56)
21. Cerberus (2:26)
22. Chris and Leon – Hideout (4:56)

Side D

23. World in Flame (1:35)
24. Diego (1:17)
25. Extreme Battle (2:28)
26. Unleash It! (0:43)
27. Ariego (2:06)
28. The Final Stage (3:25)
29. Vaccine (2:51)
30. Vendetta End Title (4:37)

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