Select Gaming Vinyl Sets On Sale Now For A Limited Time: Dark Souls, Uncharted, And More

Music can make or break a video game. A fantastically done soundtrack can make the gaming experience infinitely more immersive, taking the player to a place beyond a simple playthrough and making the memory something to cherish for years on end. Sometimes listening to a favourite track can take you right back with your favourite characters! For those looking for a more classic stylization of gaming tunes, ThinkGeek is having a fantastic sale on select gaming vinyl soundtracks including Uncharted, Dark Souls, Persona, and more!

Undertale Soundtrack Vinyl 2LP – 40% off

You’ve done the Pacifist Route. You’ve done the Genocide Route (you monster). You’ve put Temmie through college, survived a deadly quiz show, and most importantly made lots of friends. Now, make sure you collect the haunting, magical 16-bit soundtrack in the only form that makes sense for this modern nostalgia-fest: vinyl! Examine it in your inventory, and you’ll find two colored vinyl LPs (Pacifist Blue and Genocide Red) featuring a curated selection of songs from the game. With over 100 of your favorite characters depicted in the artwork by pixel master Drew Wise, and some bonus fun from Sans: a word search that will fill you with determination!

You can order this right here!

Persona 5 Essential Edition Vinyl 4LP – 15% off

It’s going to take a bit of time to do all of this, and while you’re at it you’re probably not really aware of the amazing soundtrack that’s playing out behind your actions. But as soon as you put this vinyl on, you’ll remember exactly what you were doing in-game when it you first heard it. Memory is weird that way. Bring back memories of the Metaverse and your playthrough of Persona 5 with this 4 LP set. These 61 songs are pressed on 4 different colors of vinyl: black, grey, clear, and red, and they come in a custom box set worthy of the hours you poured into this game.

You can order this right here!

Uncharted 4 Vinyl 2LP – 40% off 

Revisit the full, textured sound of the Uncharted 4 soundtrack on vinyl! Two 180 gram vinyl LPs come in a deluxe gatefold cover, with cover art by acclaimed artist Ashley Wood and Libertalia pirate artwork inside. Taped to the back is a folded page from Nathan’s journal with the track listing, and the slipcovers for each disc have notes from game director Neil Druckmann and composer Henry Jackman. Each disc features the image of Henry Avery’s coin at the center and a splash of color in the vinyl (muted green and bronze)

You can order this right here!

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Exclusive Vinyl Double LP – 50% offThis exclusive double LP comes with twenty songs straight from the game so you can reminisce about that great haul you walked away with last night. Or maybe because you actually just really like the wonderfully scored music. Ehh – little bit of column A, little bit of column B.

You can order this right here!

Cuphead Soundtrack Vinyl 4LP – 15% offMake your deal with the devil and get a 4 LP set featuring 51 tracks from the hit game. This unique soundtrack brings cartoons of yesteryear back to life. Fitting that it’s also on vinyl, we suppose. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to bet your soul to obtain this or have a machine that plays wax cylinders, but we can’t promise you won’t rethink all the ways you died in the actual game.

You can order this right here!

Dark Souls I, II, and III Exclusive LPs (sold separately) – 40% off



So whether you’re buying for yourself or a bud, at least you can save quite a few bucks before you dive back into another playthrough! And hey – bright side! At least you won’t die a bunch of times listening to the soundtracks for Dark Souls … er, we hope.

If you purchase any of the above products, Don’t Feed the Gamers could earn a small commission. We thank you for your support!

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