Resident Evil 2 Ellie Mod Brings The Last Of Us Hero To The Game (VIDEO)

Resident Evil 2 Ellie

With the new year finally begun, gamers are looking forward to the big titles that have been confirmed for 2020. Easily one of the biggest new games coming this year is The Last of Us Part II, which will shift the franchise’s focus from Joel to Ellie as the player’s main character protagonist. One of the most highly praised games from last year was the Resident Evil 2 remake, which many celebrated with mods that put the likes of Thomas the Tank Engine and the Untitled Goose into the game. Now, one modder has created a Resident Evil 2 Ellie mod that brings The Last of Us to the Resident Evil world.

Talented modder Darkness Valtier recently shared their Resident Evil 2 Ellie mod on their official YouTube channel. Using Claire Redfield’s digital model in the game as a basis, Valtier was able to recreate Ellie’s look from the first Last of Us game. However, this does mean that Ellie stands as tall as Claire Redfield, as opposed to her shorter stature seen when compared to her usual counterpart Joel.

Despite the size difference, Ellie seems a natural fit as substitute for Claire Redfield, given their shared brave energy and penchant for navigating the world of reanimated corpses. Darkness Valtier has released the mod on Mediafire, so gamers can take Ellie on some new zombie survival adventures before her big return in The Last of Us Part II later this year. Fans are definitely going to be getting their Clickers on this (the PC mouse kind, not the other kind).

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