The Last Of Us TV Series Gives First Look At Joel, Ellie And Clickers (VIDEO)

The Last Of Us TV Series Gives First Look At Joel, Ellie And Clickers (VIDEO)

With streaming services growing more competitive as more rivals enter the industry, the major players have looked to video game franchises to prop up their services. The likes of Netflix…

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The Last Of Us HBO Series Casts Riley From Left Behind DLC

The film and television industries are full of projects these days that are adapting video game franchises to live-action. Netflix has found much success adapting The Witcher to live-action and…

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The Last of Us Set Photo

The Last Of Us Set Photo Gives First Look At Joel And Ellie

The streaming wars have had its main combatants turning towards popular video game franchises for original films and television series. Activision has a big live-action Fallout adaptation in the works,…

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Ellie Statue

The Last Of Us Part II Ellie Statue Highlights New Merch Line

Sony has found much success for their PlayStation platforms, largely owing thanks to their big exclusive first-party game franchises. One of their biggest crown jewels at the moment is The…

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The Last Of us TV Show HBO

The Last Of Us TV Series Casts The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal As Joel

HBO has been underway on a TV adaptation of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us for several years, with significant headway only recently being made as the project was officially…

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Last of us tabletop

The Last Of Us Tabletop Game Announced By CMON

As video game franchises continue to grow in popularity, expansion into other forms of media continues these series’ reach. One form that games are commonly adapted is tabletop gaming, an…

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Resident Evil 2 Ellie

Resident Evil 2 Ellie Mod Brings The Last Of Us Hero To The Game (VIDEO)

With the new year finally begun, gamers are looking forward to the big titles that have been confirmed for 2020. Easily one of the biggest new games coming this year…

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Overwatch Pro Player “Ellie” Turns Out To Be A Social Experiment, Team Issues New Statement

The world of competitive Overwatch gameplay recently saw some drama surrounding a new player that arrived on the scene. A player by the name of Ellie joined Overwatch’s minor league,…

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The Last of Us 2 Gameplay

Last Of Us 2 Gameplay Trailer Features Love, Stealthy Murder – E3 2018 (VIDEO)

Sony’s E3 presentation began in a peculiar way, opening in a church tent. While fans were initially confused, it all made sense after a beautiful live banjo performance of the…

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Ellies mom

Did The Last Of Us Part 2 Newest Trailer Just Introduce Ellie’s Mom?! (VIDEO)

Paris Games Week ended on a brutal but exciting note as Sony unveiled a new trailer for The Last of Us. This new trailer lacks the familiar faces fans were…

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