Watch as Reinhardt Takes a Ride on the Rainbow Road in Mario Kart (VIDEO)

When Overwatch’s Reinhardt isn’t charging people into walls or off cliffs, he apparently likes to let off some steam at the race track. In this fan made video by YouTuber Noilleber, we get to see our giant, cuddly, protective tank fly down rainbow road, and without falling off once! He’s already better than you at Mario Kart! Check out the Overwatch hero flying his way through the track:

Rainbow Road is always the last course of the Special Cup in all the Mario Kart games and it is also the most difficult of them all. The rainbow colored track is usually in space and has no railing so it’s all too easy to go flying off the edge during a race. Reinhardt seems to have it down though! We would definitely play an Overwatch/Mario Kart crossover game any day! Make it happen, Blizzard!


Do you think he did a good job making this Reinhardt video? Let us know in the comment section below and follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for all your gaming news while it’s hot. Are you an Overwatch fan? Check out these other articles below!

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