Redfield Tape Shown In New Resident Evil VII DLC Trailer (VIDEO)

Resident Evil VII DLC

The beginning of this year saw the release of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, which came as a pleasant surprise to fans of the series who felt previous core entries in the franchise strayed too far from the series’ survival horror roots. Resident Evil VII struck a cord with players over its striking use of the first-person perspective to make the world of Resident Evil more terrifying than ever. Soon, new DLC expansions will be arriving for the game, and a new Resident Evil VII DLC trailer shows what fans can expect from the previously announced End of Zoe and Not a Hero DLC expansions.

Capcom has uploaded the new Resident Evil VII DLC trailer to their official Resident Evil YouTube channel. The trailer begins by establishing the End of Zoe DLC, which puts the player in control of a new member of the Baker family. It’s not entirely clear what the plot will entail, but it would seem to involve protecting Zoe. The end of the trailer also shows a crystalized Zoe being found by a man known as “Joe”, who claims to be her family and promises to protect her.

The rest of the trailer shows what Chris Redfield was up to after the ending of VII, as he brings a team of Umbrella operatives beneath the Baker plantation to explore and investigate the laboratory found there. Naturally, Chris is ready to bring the firepower to the enemies that lurk under there, and he even gets to punch one in the face. Owners of the game will be able to download these new DLC expansions on December 12th, while newcomers can play them on the Resident Evil VII Gold Edition releasing that day as well. What do you guys think about the new Resident Evil VII DLC trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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