Red Dead Redemption 2 Promotional Materials Begin Popping Up (VIDEO)

Red Dead Redemption 2

Fans of the Red Dead franchise have been anticipating any information about the next installment since the trailer dropped back in October. The week leading up to the trailer release was rife with speculation as Rockstar Games had been posting breadcrumbs in the form of teaser images for fans to enjoy. Well, there wasn’t much enjoyment because we don’t like being teased! Okay, maybe a little. In any case, the latest breadcrumb has popped up in the form of Red Dead Redemption 2 promotional materials that have been shipped to retailers. Take a look for yourself:

The two photos above were taken at a GAME shop in the UK. In the first image, we can see a promotional box with the westerners silhouetted against the sun setting over the horizon. On this box, we can also see AUTUMN 2017, which is the window of the game’s release date, the PS4 logo(presumably, the Xbox One logo is there, but is cut off by the photo), and the PEGI 18 rating. The PEGI rating is interesting considering when you search the PEGI database for Red Dead Redemption 2, it comes up with zero results. Is this a preemptive rating by Rockstar? It can be assumed that they already know how their game will fair with the rating systems. Nevertheless, it is odd.

In the second image, we can see the same silhouetted image with the Red Dead Redemption 2 name, but in poster form. No other information is given on the poster but it sure does get you excited for the release of the third installment in the series. There is no word if any of these promotional materials have popped up in the US, but we can assume they already have, or they will begin to very shortly. We are nearly a year away from the release, but Rockstar Games is surely wanting to spread the word, get fans excited, and bring in some revenue as soon as possible. As long as they keep providing us with the juicy details until its release, we can’t complain. In case you missed it, here is that beautiful trailer released a couple months ago:

What do you think, gamers? Have any of you seen the promotional materials for Red Dead Redemption 2 in stores yet? Are you beginning to get excited for the title or is it too early for you? Let us know down in the comments! Speaking of getting excited, have you seen what Blizzard is doing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Diablo? If you haven’t, you should. While you’re at it, might I recommend following us on Twitter? If you are unable to stay on the site all day, we post everything on the tweets as soon as it goes live. It’s a great way to keep up with us and the news that’s going on in the gaming industry!

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