Ready Player One’s Honest Trailer Throws Eggs At Spielberg’s Latest Blockbuster (VIDEO)

Ready Player One Honest Trailers

Steven Spielberg’s movie adaptation of the hit Ernest Cline novel Ready Player One has finally arrived on Blu-Ray this week. The film proved to be a financial success, especially in the global market where it currently sits as the sixth highest grossing film of the year. However, the film is not without its flaws, as previously pointed out by several critics and viewers. Given this and the sheer number of pop culture references in the film, it makes perfect sense for the Screen Junkies to take shots at the film with a new Honest Trailer video.

The new Ready Player One Honest Trailer video was released this week on the official Screen Junkies YouTube channel. The video keeps to the Honest Trailers tradition, with Jon Bailey providing snarky commentary over footage from the target film. The opening jab at the film points out the meta levels of adaptation involved, with the film being a version of a pre-existing book based on numerous films, comics and video games. Bailey also pokes fun at the film’s heroes frequent use of the term “Gunters” to refer to themselves, as well as the silly line “a fanboy knows a hater.”

Ready Player One Honest Trailers Video Throws Eggs At Spielberg's Latest Blockbuster (VIDEO)


While a lot of the comedic punches take aim at the film’s pop culture references, such as the extended The Shining sequence, the commentary becomes surprisingly dour by comparing the film’s exaggerated presentation of commercialized nostalgia and digital entertainment as an escape from real world sociopolitical issues to the actual situation we face in real life. Luckily, the narrator confuses the lead actor with several other well known young white male actors to ease the tension. Screen Junkies always delivers with their Honest Trailers, and this one certainly felt worthy of Halliday and his Easter egg.

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