Minecraft Movie Delay Announced, Rob McElhenney Bows Out As Director

The hit video game title that’s taken the world by storm has faced a delay in its film-making adaptation, according to Warner Bros. Studio. The pixelated adventure game turned film,…

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Ready Player One Honest Trailers

Ready Player One’s Honest Trailer Throws Eggs At Spielberg’s Latest Blockbuster (VIDEO)

Steven Spielberg’s movie adaptation of the hit Ernest Cline novel Ready Player One has finally arrived on Blu-Ray this week. The film proved to be a financial success, especially in…

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DC's Titans Trailer Depicts A Darker Spin On The Teen Titans Formula (VIDEO)

DC’s ‘Titans’ Trailer Depicts A Darker Spin On The Teen Titans Formula (VIDEO)

The first trailer ‘Titans,’ DC and Warner Bros.’ live-action take on the popular Teen Titans superhero team has officially arrived, and…well, it’s very dark. The trailer opens with a bit…

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Warner Bros. Comments On Bethesda Lawsuit Over Westworld Mobile Game

Last week, Bethesda Softworks filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. and developer Behavior Interactive.  The suit concerns the recent release of the Westworld mobile game that bears resemblance to the…

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Bethesda Sues Warner Bros. Over Stolen Fallout Shelter Source Code

The Fallout franchise is certainly a key focus in gaming right now, with all of the news regarding Fallout 76 dominating E3 this year and Fallout Shelter arriving on Nintendo…

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George R. R. Martin Producing

George R.R. Martin Producing Animated Film Adaptation For The Ice Dragon

There is still the better part of a year to go before the eighth and final season of the massively popular Game of Thrones television series airs on HBO. Based…

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Max Max: Fury Road Lawsuit Is Holding Up Future Sequels

Max Max: Fury Road Lawsuit Is Holding Up Future Sequels

Mad Max: Fury Road was one of the most successfully movies of 2015, pulling the iconic series back into the spotlight while nabbing several Oscars in the process. When a…

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Hitman Definitive Edition

Hitman Definitive Edition Announced, IO Interactive Reveals New Publishing Partner

When Square Enix first revealed that they would be turning the Hitman series into episodic games, many believed it would start a fresh new period for the franchise under the…

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Lego The Incredibles Video Game Confirmed, Arriving This Year

It wasn’t long ago that a rumor teased of a Lego The Incredibles video game, but there hadn’t been any official announcements from Pixar, Disney, or Lego. For whatever reason,…

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New Tomb Raider Film Clips Reveal The Mysterious Puzzles Of Lara Croft’s Adventure (VIDEO)

Tomb Raider is receiving another live-action movie adaptation, following the series that starred actress Angelina Jolie, but this time the female lead taking the stage is Alicia Vikander. Warner Bros….

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