Rainbow Six Siege Leak Discovers New Operator, New Changes For Existing Characters

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege recently saw the reveal of one new defender operator and the first of her kind to carry a shield; Clash. The character will be a part of the new update which will feature a complete rework of the existing map Hereford base, as well as a variety of balancing tweaks and a second new operator. While there hasn’t been an official reveal yet, dedicated fans have recently discovered some interesting new information while searching through the game’s files regarding not only changes to existing characters but hints at the next operator arriving in the next update.

The embed code for Clash’s reveal video is what gives this leak some validity. Anybody who wants to check out the leak for themselves can simply view the page source in a second tab and search for the keyword “Maverick.” As shown below, the name pops up in the code nearby other keywords such as “new operator Clash” and “Hereford Base,” a map which is getting a massive overhaul for the upcoming release of the Operation Grim Sky update.

Rainbow Six Siege

Even with the emded code it still might be a stretch to imagine that these things are related, at least to some skeptics. Another dedicated fan however has done some research into the url for the “Maverick reveal” which indicates that not only is the leak legitimate, but fans should be seeing some new information on the Operator soon.

Ubisoft already prepping the Blog Post for Maverick? from Rainbow6

Lo and behold, Ubisoft has since teased fans with a small post on Rainbow Six Siege social media featuring an image of a blowtorch and the description “The Devil’s in the details… That’s where you’ll find me.” This indicates that the reveal for Maverick is just around the corner. What kind of Operator could he be?

As far as changes to the game go, the pre-season designer notes indicate that Thatcher will be getting a change to his EMP grenades. After heavy deliberation from the team, they’ll no longer be able to permanently take out cameras. Instead they’ll only be able to temporarily disable them, which in some cases could be better for both teams. Twitch is also going to see changes with her Shock Drone.

We will be increasing the amount of noise made by Twitch’s Shock Drone, as player’s had too much trouble hearing the drone even in extremely quiet situations. It is still very discreet, and quieter than other drones. Our goal is to help players that are paying attention be able to pick up on the audio cue from the drone when it is moving.”

There’s quite of bit of re-working that will be coming to Rainbow Six Siege. Are you ready for Operation Grim Sky?

Rainbow Six Siege is available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. As for Operation Grim Sky, no official release date has been confirmed yet. Let us know your thoughts on the second new operator coming in the next Rainbow Six Siege update, the various changes to existing operators, and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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