PUBG Mobile: Upcoming Patch Targets Performance Weaknesses And Animation Bugs, Full Notes Here

PUBG Mobile is taking over the market having released alongside Fortnite’s own mobile game, but on a wider platform. With the handheld PUBG title, both iOS and Android players can fight for that coveted chicken dinner. To make sure that the online battle royale game runs smoothly, frequent patches are to be expected but the team behind the on-the-go experience have just outlined their upcoming patch plans.

According to a recent post made by PUBGMobile over on Reddit:

• Performance and screen optimization

-Added S25 new compatible models

-New models supporting Ultra high and High frames

-Anti-Allasing (improved/Increased and added)

-Improve performance of weapons, models, and scenarios

-Adapative mode (change graphics and framerate according to performance)

• Gunfights optimization

-Shooting animation improved

-Enemy death cam

-3d touch shooting mode (iphone exclusive)

-4x and 8x scopes Optimization

-Aiming animation improved

-Flits feedback improved

-Aiming button disappear if you are not on a good position to aim

-Characterjurnp Improved

-Character view Improved

-Game sound and voicechat Improved

• Game user interface

-Teammate icon improved

-Bag interface Improved

-Map automatically marks your vehicle location

-Vehicles now have nitro

-Motorcycle flip buttons

-Open door automatically option

-Picking intervals

• General update change

-New weather (DUSK)

-Added new character faces

-Match history record added

-Daily tasks added

-Upgrading task added

• New Game modes

-Training mode

-Sniper mode

-Melee mode

-Full armor mode (Tier 3 gear)

-Fast paced mode

-Pistol mode

-Shotgun mode

• Social experience

-Apprentice system mode

-Search nearby players

-Business card added

-Search players by business card filters

-Team reccomendations

-Chat rooms (News, Tags, Recommended)

-Player’s team Invitation otimized

-Gender Information

• Other notes

-More clothes added

-New player rename tags

-Supply price increase and reset once a week

-Changing appearance will cost depending on the changes

-UI interface speed increased

-Voice icon animation improved

-Repeated clothes can be exchanged

-Data of player record Increased

• Bugs

-Various bugs fixed

-Improved Cheat detection

-Cheaters will be banned

-People creating cheats, modding, using extemal apps to have an advantage will face LEGAL Consequences

For being a free-to-play title, that’s a lot of updates. I’m sure many Xbox players are wishing this level of detailed would be applied to the console version of the title, though it is good to see that they weren’t just planning on slapping up a game on the mobile market just to have it there – they seem to be taking good care of making sure it’s a solid gaming experience. There’s no exact release date for when the patch goes live for everyone, though it will open up to ‘testers’ today.

What do you think about the growing battle royale trend, and more so – battle royale on mobile? Any chicken dinners on PUBG mobile yet? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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