Project Scorpio Tech Specs Have Arrived – Here are the Details (VIDEO)

Project Scorpio Tech Specs

Microsoft has been telling people that Project Scorpio tech specs are coming soon for quite some time. Well, gamers, “soon” has finally arrived. After information regarding the unveiling of details of Project Scorpio started to circulate on April 1, some took it all with a grain of salt. It was April Fool’s Day, after all. However, the rumors proved true as Eurogamer’s resident “Blacksmith of the Future” Richard Leadbetter was invited to the Redmond campus of Microsoft, and has returned with all of the Project Scorpio tech specs players desire. To begin, here is how the upcoming console compares to the Xbox One and the PS4 Pro:

Project Scorpio Tech Specs

Of course, while these are just numbers, there are some important ones. With Microsoft wanting to provide gamers with the most powerful console ever made, they needed to pump up some numbers. The CPU is an evolved Jaguar architecture boasting a 2.3GHz clock speed, while the GPU takes the current consoles to task with 40 customized compute unites that are clocking in at 1172MHz. Project Scorpio has 12GB of GDDR5 memory, with 8GB of that being used for games. This means that the other 4GB is reserved for the system, which will allow users to see their dashboard rendered in beautiful native 4K.

And that brings us to what is seemingly Microsoft’s main focus behind the new console – 4K capability. Some PC gamers know the joy of seeing their experiences in that glorious resolution, but console owners haven’t really felt that kind of power. Group Program Director of the Xbox Core platform Kevin Gammill said:

It’s about delivering those pixels with 4K assets, so they look great. It’s about delivering those pixels with HDR and wide colour gamut fidelity. It’s about delivering those pixels with no loss of frame-rate compared to the 1080p version of that title – that’s super-important to us.”

While the Project Scorpio tech specs are great and all, how does it perform? Leadbetter recognized that this would be difficult with the console not being released for at least another six or seven months, but he went for it, and Microsoft was able to deliver. Even though they were shown what is essentially an Xbox One port, it still looks pretty incredible. If the image below doesn’t suit your needs, a 4K PNG can be found here.


What can be see in the screenshot above, is that not only does it look beautiful, but also 66.19% of the GPU is being utilized. With only two-thirds being used to produce that kind of image, we can only dream of what the other third is going to add to the process. It turns out that they even bumped ForzaTech up to PC ultra settings equivalence, and it was still only at 88% GPU utilization. While it may only be one game, if this is any indication of what is to come, console gamers are in for a real treat.

Richard Leadbetter has provided the world with a plethora of details regarding the Project Scorpio tech specs, and we are thankful. Microsoft seems to be taking charge in the console wars, and fans can hope to learn even more at this year’s E3. For more on what Leadbetter learned on his visit to Microsoft’s Redmond campus, check out the video below:

What do the gamers of the world have to say? Is Project Scorpio shaping up to be everything that console owners can dream of? Was more expected? Drop a comment in the section below that was designated for doing so, or start a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers’ Disqus channel. As always, be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7. If it’s more reading that is desired, check out the following:

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