Pokemon Go Devs Hopeful For PvP By The End Of The Year

Pokemon Go

When Pokemon Go added trading and friends, it allowed players to connect in a whole new way. Going hunting with friends meant they could trade new catches in the moment, and if anyone is down on resources they can share gifts to get a leg up. This addition has been requested since the launch of the game and now that it’s here fans are setting their sights on PvP.

Niantic is also focused on this, claiming they’re actively working on a system to make it possible. At a major Ingress event in Warsaw, Poland fans asked the European Head of Marketing Anne Beuttenmuller what Niantic had planned for the future of Pokemon Go. She responded by stating that they were working to get PvP up and running by the end of the year.

Pokemon Go

The prospect is certainly exciting, and would be the next logical leap towards the kind of interactivity fans have been wanting. However, this isn’t the first time Niantic has made the claim, which may make some fans a bit nervous. The trading and sharing function may also be the stepping stone Niantic needed in order to make that happen.

More than likely, Pokemon Go will feature PvP in much the same way as the trading function. Players will need to be near each other, and may even need to be on each other’s friends list. However, if Niantic makes it work, this would be a major addition that would propel Pokemon Go well beyond its already wildly popular status.

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