When Pokemon Go Gets Fierce (VIDEO)

When it comes to Pokemon Go, we all know more than a few people who have taken it entirely too seriously (let’s be serious, I’ve yet to meet a casual player). In this amazingly done fan made video we get to experience the ultimate Pokemon trainer, determined to obtain the infamous Mew before Team Rocket. The battle is intense as we are met with heated battle sequences with an arsenal that could envy any Call Of Duty game to date.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go swept the world by storm when it was first released on July 6th, of this year by Niantic Inc. Since then the craze has slowed but is still keeping a steady pacing with the releases of patches and bug fixes as well as plans for future updates.

Check it out for yourself below:

It’s intense, right? It’s probably the most accurate depiction of what it’s like to go Pokemon hunting, although in real life there’s less gunfire and explosions (unless you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7). But, the competition is fierce!


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