Niantic Launches reCapcha Security Feature to Pokemon GO

With the recent crackdown on bots and scanners meant to deter cheating in PokemonGo, it’s no surprise that reCapcha has been added to the list of security features meant to level the playing field for trainers across the globe.

Launched October 5th, this new feature will detect odd behaviors and prompt the players to check a simple “I am not a robot” box in order to confirm their humanity as they chase digital monsters. It has been reported, by Luigi Lugmayr of i4u, that this feature will monitor players before, during, and after play to ensure they are indeed human. The feature is intended to prevent third party applications from connecting to Pokemon Go Servers and collecting data. This means your favorite scanners have gone the way of the Dodo for now.

Pokemon GO

These recent changes from Niantic comes with a level of frustration as players continue to struggle with finding Pokemon since the company removed their own tracker from play in September.

While there is no news yet as to when we can expect a new system for tracking nearby Pokemon, a report from FORBES suggests that not all is lost. With the new buddy system, you can easily earn new candy simply by walking your Pokemon around, much like your dog or ferret. While this doesn’t help with finding new Pokemon, you can rest easy knowing you’re able to level your standbys without worrying about if you’ll ever find a super rare Pokemon again.

Are you guys still playing Pokemon GO? What are your thoughts on the updates so far? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • MrMe Reply

    November 24, 2016 at 9:41 AM

    “monitor players before, during, and after play to ensure they are indeed human”
    Well during gameplay i can understand. But Before and After??? For there own sake i hope they don’t. This is clearly a violation of your privacy. If they track what you are doing before and after using the game there actions are simply illigal no matter what their “general terms and conditions” say. If its against the law of your country they simply are not allowed to.

    In this case an awful lot of lawsuits are comeing their way

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