Players are Purchasing PUBG Cosmetics for Up to $1000

PUBG Cosmetics

Character fashion can be an important aspect of a video game, especially multiplayer Steam games.  From syandanas in Warframe to paycheck-swallowing knife skins in CS:GO, kicking ass while looking amazing can be uniquely gratifying, especially for streamers.  With PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ popularity at an all time high, developer Bluehole’s battle royale game is attracting a lot of attention within the Steam market, with PUBG cosmetics ranging in price from two cents to a whopping $1000.  

The item at the very top of the price range is a rare red bandana called ‘PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Bandana’.  The bandana started out as an exclusive item for players that purchased the $40 deluxe edition of PUBG.  Since the title’s popularity took off shortly after it entered Steam Early Access, the price of the bandana – and other PUBG cosmetics – has skyrocketed.  According to Reddit, the average cost of the bandana back in July was $230.  Earlier this month the price shot up to $700, and it went up even further towards the end of the month, reaching $1,000 before tapered off to $920, which is where it is at the time of writing.  

PUBG Cosmetics

While it can be difficult to stomach such an excessive amount of spending on PUBG cosmetics, some of the less expensive items available for purchase actually have some real gameplay value.  PUBG is currently limited to a single, large map, which means players can dress for the occasion by wearing camouflage colors to help blend in with the environment.  While the final circles within each match can be virtually anywhere on the map, starting out with a generic tactical look will help players at least marginally blend in, which can potentially be the difference between life and death depending on the scenario.  It’ll be an entirely different situation once Bluehole implements its upcoming desert map, but for now, some sound spending is certainly justifiable.

So, thoughts on the high cost of some of the available PUBG cosmetics?  What’s the most you have spent on an in-game cosmetic item?  Did you miss the latest DFTG PUBG stream?  Check it out here and watch as our crack squad of PUBG pros succeed in getting a chicken dinner!  Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for our 24/7 news feed!

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