Aliens Themed Planet Coaster ride

WATCH: Aliens Themed Planet Coaster Ride Offers Incredible Journey

Whether you’re a fan of James Camerons’ 1986 film Aliens, or totally into Planet Coaster this new ride is bound to turn heads. The Aliens themed Planet Coaster ride takes…

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Retail Release

Retail Release Arriving for Elite Dangerous for All Platforms Alongside Planet Coaster Later This Year

Elite: Dangerous is a space exploration and combat simulator by Frontier Developments. The game features a 1:1 scale galaxy based upon our own Milky Way in which players can trade…

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Fan Makes Hogwarts Theme Park on Planet Coaster and It Looks Magical (VIDEO)

Game studio Frontier Developments is great at making sandbox games with theme parks. One of these games called Planet Coaster allows players to really get creative with their theme park…

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Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster Announces Significant Update Before Launch (VIDEO)

What is surely to become the preeminent roller coaster/theme park simulator of our time, Planet Coaster is set to bring you the chills and thrills you so desire. Build your…

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