Overwatch Cosplayer Shows Off His Incredible Ashe

Overwatch Ashe Cosplay

When Ashe joined Overwatch, we knew she’d inspire some phenomenal cosplays. That wasn’t exactly difficult to imagine, given the awesomely extensive list of Overwatch cosplayers. However, Ashe adds a different flavor to the game’s gallery of heroes, and we expected a different sort of cosplay to match. One cosplayer has provided exactly that.

On Instagram, cosplayer NipahDUBS released some images of his unique take on the gunslinger. He’s no stranger to the video game cosplay scene, and it shows through his work. His portfolio includes characters from Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy. While I love his take on Zenyatta, his Ashe cosplay may be his best to date. The hat, boots, and vest appear to be near perfect replicas of the merciless yet brilliant hero. 

Check out the pictures below:



Given his extensive background in the field, the details on the outfit come as no surprise. What is shocking, however, is that he created the look in less than a week. To craft a cosplay that perfect in such a short amount of time simply boggles the mind. Some of my cosplaying friends take months to complete their looks. With a quick turnaround like that, fans should expect more amazing looks relatively soon. We can’t wait and will be sure to let you know about our favorites.

Overwatch is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you’re a fan of Ashe, you should definitely read her origin story before the next time you play. 

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