Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says E3 2019 Suffered Without Sony

e3 2019

Sony and Microsoft have been evolving through the years as the gaming industry continues to expand beyond our wildest dreams. While Sony seems to be moving in a much more isolated – but successful – direction, Microsoft seems to be about bringing the platform family together again with the help of Nintendo and Valve. E3 2019 was also interesting when comparing the two given that Sony was noticeably absent from this year’s festivities. While Xbox knocked their own showcase out of the park, that didn’t stop the show from feeling “not as good” without their competition.

During a recent Giant Bomb livestream talking about E3 2019, Spencer took to the stage to talk about this year and how “E3 is not as good when they’re not here.” It’s a genuine gesture, especially on the heels of a very boast-worthy showcase themselves. The Keanu Reeves surprise? Priceless! Plus that Master Chief redesign!

While Sony’s absence was very much felt, the showcase itself still went on. That being said, E3 has always been about a very interwoven community of companies. To see one go will always be felt, though next year could very much be a different story entirely. Still, it looks like more companies are moving more into the digital social media space in lieu of conferences, much like how Nintendo did with their Direct. Sony may choose to skip next year as well, and if that’s the case – it will be interesting to see how E3 itself evolves.

What do you think about E3 2019? Did the reveals excite you or was Sony’s break too much of a distraction? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit us up over on Twitter @YouFedtheGamers.

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