Official Alien Covenant Trailer Details Intense Story and New Xenomorph (VIDEO)

official Alien Covenant trailer

As if the teaser trailer wasn’t enough to get fans of the Alien series amped for the next installment, 20th Century Fox released the official Alien Covenant trailer which details what may be the most intense story in the franchise. With hype for the film rolling out since last year, the build-up looks to be paying off. Take a look for yourself below:

The official Alien Covenant trailer opens with the crew of the Covenant, a colony ship bound for a remote planet. Everyone seems happy, and there’s talk of the sacrifices they’ve made to all be a part of this exciting new adventure. It’s a soft set-up that takes a chilling turn as they find wheat on the planet, but no sign of life at all. As questions abound, they discover that the paradise they’ve found is actually a hellish nightmare.

For those out of the loop, Covenant is a “sequel to the prequel”, where we last saw the disastrous Prometheus expedition from the film of the same name. Fans will recognize a familiar face from the first film as Michale Fassbender returns as the synthetic David, the only survivor of the last failed expedition. Details of the trailer leave a lot of mystery as to what may happen to the crew, but we can be certain that their Alien encounter is anything but peaceful.

official Alien Covenant trailer

Overall the official Alien Covenant trailer is detailing some pretty intense moments as the crew of the colony ship try to fight for survival. We also get a new albeit horrifying look at the Xenomorph. While we’ll still have to wait until May 19th to see what happens to our plucky heroes, the hype of the latest trailer is definitely enough to keep us anticipating Covenant’s release.

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