Alien: Covenant Photos May Allude to Dates for Timeline Setting


[UPDATE] We have the official trailer, watch here.

Original article is as follows:

Since Prometheus was released in 2012, the famed Sci-Fi Horror Alien franchise has had a resurgence of popularity, and now with the promise of a follow up film from famed Director Ridley Scott fans are more eager than ever to catch a glimpse of what’s to come.

On December 19th, the Alien Anthology social media feeds started posting images from the set of the new film Alien: Covenant. No official trailer* for the film has been released or announced yet but the images that have been posted bring more mystery than just the pictures.

In keeping with the franchise’s overall theme of horror/suspense the posts themselves are also quite ominous. As you can see the image has nothing given as a descriptor aside from a simple line of 12 digits, but what could that possibly mean? According to a Reddit theory the digits indicate a time stamp for each photo.

I think the numbers are time stamps of when each photo was taken. They all follow the structure of a time XX:XX, followed by a month, day and year XX-XX; 2104. The dates increase in time.

  • The first was 22:05; 12-05; 2104. Military operation.
  • The second was 13:01; 12-06; 2104. Arrival of survey team in cryo-stasis.
  • The third is 18:56; 12-08; 2104. Exploration of the discovered alien structure.

The first Alien was set in 2122, making this a prequel.

At this time nothing has been officially confirmed whether affirming or denying any theory on the numbers. However if the date theory is correct the most recent post on December 23rd is even more puzzling. No digits, just twelve dashes and what looks like David from Prometheus.

As of what we can confirm thus far is that Ridley Scott has confirmed via the Hollywood Reporter that Alien: Covenant and 2 other follow up films will create a chain linking Prometheus to the events of the 1979 film Alien that started the whole series. At this time Alien: Covenant has been confirmed to release May 19th 2017. Until more information is released, in a classic Alien style, we are left with nought but mystery, suspense, and speculation.

I’m sure we are all virtually waiting on the edge of our seats to see what comes next so stay tuned to DFTG for the latest in breaking news and updates on Alien: Covenant! Until next time keep an eye on your motion trackers or it’s game over man!

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