Norman Reedus Shares His Dream Death for Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead

Any fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead is well aware that any character on the show is on borrowed time. Nobody is safe from the undead hordes or the remaining survivors littered throughout the post-apocalyptic world in the series. Actor Norman Reedus, who plays the crossbow wielding fan favorite Daryl Dixon, has an idea on how he would like to see his character’s end on the popular show.

Daryl Dixon is one of the few remaining characters on the show that has been along for the ride since the first season. He’s also one of the most developed characters over The Walking Dead’s seven seasons. Starting out as a rough-neck biker, Daryl has shown that under his tougher than nails exterior, he has a pure and loving heart and will do anything to protect those he considers friends and/or family, which in turn has earned him the rank of a highly respected co-leader to the group. So, how would a character like Daryl Dixon get a perfect exit the show? Reedus has ideas of his own.

In a recent interview, Reedus was asked how Daryl would go out if it were up to the actor. Reedus replied:

I think you’d see a sunset. I would walk up over a hill and then a little wolf puppy would come out of the woods and follow me up. And people would just go, ‘Whatever happened to that guy?'”

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It appears that Actor Norman Reedus has had his ideal send-off for Daryl for quite some time now. In another interview prior to the season seven premiere, the actor stated:

I’d like him to just walk away and just walk away into the woods, and people go, ‘Where the heck is that guy? You know what I mean? It’s like, ‘Oh, he gets shot.’ ‘Oh, he turns into a zombie.’ ‘They put him down.’ We’ve seen all of that happen so many times. I think with Darryl because he came in that way, I think he should go out that way. He should just walk away, and people are like, ‘What ever happened to him?’ Nobody knows. He’s like the Outlaw Josey Wales or some shit.”

Given The Walking Dead’s history of brutal and/or heart-wrenching deaths, it seems unlikely that the actor will get his wish. It would be bittersweet to know that Daryl Dixon dies as an old man that has survived the undead and the worst kind of humans left on Earth, however unlikey that may be. Who knows, maybe Daryl’s send off will be the one exception to show’s formula?

You can find out the fate of Daryl Dixon and the rest of the group when The Walking Dead returns for its eighth season on October 22nd. What do you think of Norman Reedus’ ideal death scenario? If he were to leave the show, how would you like to see him go? Let us know in the comments section below. Be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter to stay up to date on the hottest news in gaming and entertainment via our 24/7 live news feed.

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