The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer Shows The Survivors Fighting An ‘All Out War’ (VIDEO)

Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer

The Walking Dead television series has finally reached to long awaited All Out War volumes of the graphic novel series, and AMC has made sure to make the most of the fanfare. Despite some ratings decreases last season, AMC seems very committed to keeping the juggernaut zombie franchise going, with VR experiences and a AAA game in the works. Today AMC held the official panel for The Walking Dead and kept the tradition of premiering a new trailer at the yearly event. The new The Walking Dead Season 8 trailer is now online and it gives fans a look at the All Out War.

The trailer has now been posted to the official AMC YouTube channel, and it begins with the re-introduction of the foul mouthed tyrant Negan about to interrogate Father Gabriel. After this, we see individual shots of the majority of the main cast that belong to the Alexandria, Hilltop and Kingdom communities united against Negan and the Saviors as they survey various apocalyptic environments. The tone of the trailer continues with several shots of backdrops and groups of survivors, sans dialogue, until Rick starts making a speech, presumably to inspire the other survivors fighting on his side of the war.

Some fan-delighting details are also shown, including the return of motorcycle-riding Daryl, the slang-talking fan-favorite Jerry, and a quick shot of King Ezekiel’s tiger Shiva fighting some walkers. More shots of the heroes in action are shown until the trailer seemingly ends. As a surprise end reveal, we see shots of a walking cane and an older, more heavily bearded Rick Grimes waking up in a bed, which graphic novel readers will likely be able to piece together the meaning of.  What do you guys think about The Walking Dead Season 8 trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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