No More Heroes 3 Coming To PlayStation, Xbox and PC

No More Heroes 3

The gaming industry has its share of unique creative figures, with one particular auteur to rise in prominence the past two decades being Suda51. The mastermind behind Grasshopper Manufacture has fostered a somewhat niche, but passionate fanbase. Easily the most popular games that Suda51 has created has been the No More Heroes games, which rose to popularity on the Nintendo Wii with its clever use of motion controls and absurd humor. The most recent game in the series, No More Heroes 3, released last year exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, but now it seems that PlayStation, Xbox and PC ports are now in the works.

XSeed has announced the No More Heroes PlayStation, Xbox and PC versions on their official Twitter account. They will be partnering with Grasshopper Manufacture to bring No More Heroes to PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. These are somewhat special editions of the game for these ports. Aside from the physical discs for the game, included will be an art book, a vanity Santa Destroy license plate and a CD of select soundtrack songs from No More Heroes 3. These new versions of the game will be made available some time this fall, though they are not quite listed for pre-order yet.

No More Heroes 3

For those unaware, the No More Heroes series has players control Otaku-turned-assassin Travis Touchdown on his quest to be the highest ranked assassin. In No More Heroes 3, Travis faces an oncoming alien invasion of earth, and must rise to become the top assassin in the entire universe. While the Switch version allowed for motion controls, its alternate settings proved that the No More Heroes formula can work well with traditional controllers. Hopefully now fans on other platforms can enjoy swinging their beam katana in the Garden of Insanity.

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