Kingdom Hearts IV Reveal Trailer Shows Sora Back In Action (VIDEO)

Kingdom Hearts IV Reveal Trailer Shows Sora Back In Action (VIDEO)

Kingdom Hearts fans, rejoice! As part of today’s 20th anniversary celebration, Square Enix has officially announced Kingdom Hearts IV with a brand new reveal trailer. Unexpectedly, the trailer kicks off in a big way by revealing that Sora is in fact back in action, with the likes of Donald and Goofy also being seen in the later parts of the trailer. The Kingdom Hearts IV announcement trailer actually contains several new KH titles, with Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link and Kingdom Hearts Union: Dark Road both featured prior to the reveal of Kingdom Hearts IV. Check it out below:

As shown in the trailer, Sora awakens in a new world a female character refers to as Quadratum, which may as well serve as a stand-in for the real world, plus Heartless. Speaking of, shortly in a Massive one appears, prompting Sora to dive into action by drawing out the basic keyblade and utilizing his finely-tuned parkour skills to close the distance and deliver some punishment. We are then treated to a brief glimpse of what appear to be Organization XIII members before the title screen pops up and fans are treated to a brief epilogue featuring Donald and Goofy.

Some interesting things to note include Sora (finally) utilizing the keychain on his keyblade as an intriguing type of grappling hook. Is he finally becoming a keyblade master!? The girl Sora meets in the trailer also refers to Quadratum as a world full of life, but for she and Sora it serves as an “Afterworld,” which leaves some room for interpretation. There’s a lot for fans to sink their teeth into thanks to the new trailer, and hopefully it won’t be too long before Square Enix decides to spill some additional details for its dedicated fan base.

Kingdom Hearts IV is now in development.

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