Nintendo Switch Restocking at Toys ‘R Us This Weekend

Nintendo Switch Restocking

It is no secret that the Nintendo Switch has been a difficult console to get ahold of. Recently, Nintendo made it known recently that they would be doubling the size of their stock to meet demand for fans looking to jump into the next generation of gaming. Now, we might be seeing some early signs of these efforts, as Toys ‘R Us has confirmed that Nintendo Switch restocking will occur this weekend.

A representative from the company has notified GameSpot of this Nintendo Switch restocking, which will occur on Sunday, April 9th. It appears that this supply will be “limited”, so it is suggested that Switch hunters line up at the store nearest them before their location opens at 10AM, per their time zone. If any of the past big days of Switch sales have indicated, the consoles in this restocking will likely sell faster than a Turboman on Black Friday.

There is no word yet on future restockings or even whether this restocking will apply to the Toys R Us website, which is currently sold out of both Joy-Con color variations of the console, but it would be advised to also check the site’s listings tomorrow as well, if your local Toys ‘R Us runs out of the sweet Switch nectar. What do you guys think? Are you excited about this Nintendo Switch restocking at Toys ‘R Us? Let us know in the comments below or start a discussion on our Disqus page.

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