No Nintendo Switch Final Fantasy XV Port In The Works Says Game Director

Nintendo Switch Final Fantasy XV

Considering the high commercial and critical success that Final Fantasy XV has found, it has been rather encouraging to see Square Enix continue to support the game with added content, raging from the narratively significant characters like Gladiolus, to the senselessly bizarre freebies. Given this support for the pre-existing PS4 and Xbox One versions, fans have been wondering whether or not Square Enix would bring the game to a Nintendo console. Well, it appears that the House of Mario will not be graced by the presence of Noctis and company, as there are no plans to make a Nintendo Switch Final Fantasy XV port.

A new Polygon interview with Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata has confirmed that Square Enix does not have any plans to bring the game to the new portable home Nintendo console. This should probably come as no surprise to most gamers, as it is has been expected for the Switch to not be as powerful as the Xbox One and PS4, which would make it difficult for a game made for those consoles work properly on the Switch. As the game is currently being made to perform more with HDR  and VR platforms, a Switch version would require a reduction of the game’s abilities rather than an enhancement. However, Tabata has expressed interest in the new Nintendo console, saying:

“While I may not be working on anything for it at this point in time, a lot of people on the staff are really interested in the Switch, myself included! Many of the people on the dev team are older; they’re married; they have kids. One of the things they’d like to do is create something they could also play with their children, or that their children could play on their own, for example.”

Square Enix has Project Octopath Traveler and several Dragon Quest titles coming for Western Switch owners, but there are no known Final Fantasy titles of any kind planned for the Switch. What do you guys think? Are you disappointed that there is no Nintendo Switch Final Fantasy XV port planned? Let us know in the comments below or start a conversation over on our Disqus.

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